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Plagiarism Checker Features

Oxsic is meant to simplify plagiarism checking experience for bloggers, teams and individuals. Find out the best what we may offer for you.

Database of  80’000’000+ scholarly articles

Our comparative database includes more than 80% of all ever issued DOI scholarly articles. By Aug 2019 we will cover at least 97% of all DOI articles. Such dataset is crucial for plagiarism monitoring in educational, research and scientific publishing facilities. No other plagiarism checking solution has access to this dataset.

14+ trillion comparative plagiarism database

Comprised of more than 14 trillion scientific, academic, popular and many other genre articles, indexed websites as well as papers. The system will surely find plagiarism if something is copied from the web or someone else’s work.

20+ million unique user documents

Unique documents exclusive to this system allowing for the most accurate and extensive plagiarism check online.

Plagiarism detection in 128 languages

The plagiarism detection algorithm is fully multilingual. Our tool for plagiarism detection can fully comprehend and analyse the text, detect the language it is written in and find plagiarism. The plagiarism detection algorithm also works with papers which are written in several languages. Currently, 128 languages are supported.

Paraphrase plagiarism detection

Paraphrasing could not be all that visible to the naked eye. Still, the paraphrasing plagiarism is one of the biggest plagiarism issues currently. Oxford similarity checker effectively catches and seeks out any paraphrasing instances.

Detection of hidden plagiarism

Not all is seen by the naked eye, not all is caught by analysing the text yourself. Some features of the text applicable to the term ‘Hidden plagiarism’ could only be detected using this tool

Extensive plagiarism scoring

What’s the worth of having plagiarism detection if you cannot evaluate the severity of any apparent case? With comprehensive and clear scoring anyone checking will quickly understand the level of plagiarism in the document, how bad is it and what areas need to be fixed.

Plagiarism risk identification

Risk indicates the probability of the text being labelled as a copy. Arguably the most essential score out of all, plagiarism risk identification allows checker to know whether what they have on their hands is the real deal or a hoax.

Extremely quick plagiarism verification (up to 10 sec/page)

Why is it worth using a tool if it’s extremely slow? Ours can check pages as fast as in 10 seconds much quicker than our competitors.

Team management tools

The tool can be adapted to compliment and fit your team’s needs fully. Whatever you imagine, whatever structure you decide to create, the tool will grant you every resource needed for that.

Extensive plagiarism reporting

The report summarises all the information that the plagiarism checker was able to find regarding your document. It shows threats, risks, evaluations and everything that could help you improve the paper or find out its true origins.

Automated alerts

Great feature to have: sending out automated alerts when something important happens (plagiarism is detected etc.). You can customise to direct those alerts wherever is best for you.

Personal database

Every user gets access to a database for their own use. It is private, discreet and truly yours since you can upload and delete documents on demand for full control of the system.

No obligation. Pay as you go

Take no obligations by using Oxford Similarity Checker. Experience our flat pricing by paying only 1c per 100 words checked. Get most of the most engaging pricing on the market.

Academical Grade Plagiarism Checker

We have adopted smart Artificial Intelligence powered plagiarism checking algorithms which are used by schools and universities worldwide. Feel the power of our proprietary plagiarism checking technology. The check is fast and accurate.

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