All about Copyright checker

Are you familiar with the term “Copyright”? It is a legal term, defining the exclusivity of some authors’ creation. For example, you cannot just create a sequel for Avengers or Iron Man because that is copyrighted by the authors behind the movies and comic books. Copyrighted material can affect almost anyone or anything, all the way from Youtube videos to giant corporations. You have to be careful when it comes down to copyrights.

From the perspective of Copyright, it is very clear that we must act in a way not to infringe on the copyrights of the owner of the content. It was some kind of an issue some time ago. There were no copyright checkers available that would be able to compare your paper against billions of documents in seconds. These days it is not an issue anymore.

Copyright Checker – a different paradigm

People generally refer a copyright checker to a plagiarism checker. Although they both are software and perform the plagiarism checks, the main purpose and the architecture differs. If Plagiarism Checker is more about preventing you from leaving plagiarism in your papers, the concept of Copyright Checker is about to prevent others from infringing your copyrights. 

In other words, you need to use Plagiarism Checker when you want to protect yourself. You need to use Copyright checker to protect your intellectual property: website content, publications, books.

Copyright Checker

  • Check  current  content
  • Protection of  content 
  • Protection against  theft 
  •  Periodical  plagiarism checks

Plagiarism Checker

  • Check  new  content
  •  Your  protection
  • Protection against  copyright infringement 
  •  One-time  plagiarism check

When to use Copyright Checker?

Copyright checker is a software designed to help users achieve two goals:

It matters for several different reasons. First and foremost, it helps businesses and individual users avoid future legal trouble. As you may or may not know, legal settlements are amongst the most costly and pricey expenses a company can face. Things can get so severe that a loss in court could set your business back severely or even force it to go bankrupt and shut down entirely.

Second, it helps to ensure that your content does not appear on other websites. This is very crucial in order to maintain high SEO rankings as search engines designed to devalue duplicate content. Unique content is also important to your visitors as it creates value for them.

So when it comes down to copyright infringement prevention, maximum measures have to be taken to protect yourselves and your business.

Trend over time

Copyright checking is becoming a major trend these days. People and businesses get aware of how their content is being used. Especially when it is the key to drive visitors and profits for your businesses.

Such behavior is a quite logic outcome. Traditional SEO tactics do not work anymore. It seems that Google has finally managed to convince website owners to think about customers rather than SEO techniques. Thinking about customers, on the other hand, means higher investments to the content. Higher investments mean that content turns to a valuable asset that needs to be protected.

Copyright checking at Oxsic

For our customers, we allow periodically to monitor their content against any possible infringements. Oxsic Copyright Checker has trillions of sources it compares your paper and document against. It is not simple to provide state-of-the-art results. This is why we created a standardized procedure for copyright checks. 

Following the procedure, our check algorithms perform various tasks at preparation, execution and reporting & repetition stages. As a user you will not notice these procedures, but they let us to prepare you perfect result.

Copyright Check Procedure


  • Getting the content to compare
  • Preparing content for check
  • Building up exclusion list
  • Determining languages
  • Analyzing content structure
  • Selecting comparative DB’s


  • Checking the content
  • Getting results from different DB’s
  • Eliminating false-positives
  • Selecting candindates
  • Merging results
  • Removing false-positives

Repetition & Reporting

  • Verifying the check
  • Generating the report
  • Sending the report to the user
  • Emptying exclusion list
  • Scheduling the new check
  • Waiting for new check

Using Oxsic for Copyright Check

At Oxsic we made it easy to set-up and maintain copyright checking of your content.  For your convenience you may:

  • Specify single links for copyright check
  • Specify sitemaps for copyright check
  • Specify both links and sitemaps for copyright check

As soon as you specify at least one link, the settings of the copyright check will appear. You will be able to set up the score tolerance, checking frequency, select whether checking algorithm should use our collection of scientific articles or not.

Copyright check at Oxsic

When enabled, the verification will run with the selected frequency. All the results of the copyright check will be sent to you by email.

Is it worth the investment?

Well, look at it this way. The average legal settlement for online copyright violations can be anything from 100 to 5 million (yes, million USD). More substantial sums are usually a direct result of huge violations that are done on purpose and allow the infringers to earn multi-million amounts of dollars from blatantly stealing someone else’s content.

In the real world, copyrighted YouTube videos can get demonetised, and the revenue goes back to the original content creators. Copyrighted articles will be subject to forceful removal and compensation while copyrighted academic work could result in expulsion, loss of degree and others. In the end, the sum you invest in a subscription to a copyright checker can protect you from million-dollar losses. Remember that even accidental slip-ups can force your business into bankruptcy.