Online plagiarism checker. Download no more

Go back about ten years back, and everyone thought that large internal storage was the thing for the future. Individuals and businesses flocked to buy PCs with HDD’s offering 500, sometimes even a 1000 or 2000 GB of storage space. Amidst that trend, few visionaries looked beyond and saw a different solution. Storing data online, cloud computing and large server clusters. Their idea caught on very quickly, and online storage started to take over soon afterwards. Nowadays, almost every business uses some cloud backup, and partially, if not wholly relies on clouds, servers and external digital storage. Plagiarism checking also is subject to the cloud-based trend. Even though downloadable checkers are where things began, they are a thing of the past. Cloud-based and online-based software are now, and they are the future.

To download or not to download, that was the question

But it is not anymore. Wonder why? Let us explain.

Imagine you want to compare your paper against the database of your university. Let’s say that the database contains 100 thousand unique papers (large universities have even more documents than that). In a digital MS WORD file format, each of those papers would take up around 500 kilobytes of disk space. That is 50 gigabytes worth of material in total. But what if we want to check with all the universities? Such a database would require terabytes or even petabytes of data. Storing that on most PC’s is close to impossible. The same difficulty of handling immense amounts of data on a single computer is the primary reason why private and business users choose online plagiarism checkers for their endeavours.

However, back in the day, there was a lack of online plagiarism checkers. People had to download and waste space of large applications, sometimes even download individual databases. It would take hours or even days to line their document against the rest. It proved to be too much trouble, and plagiarism checking was considered inefficient overall. Nowadays, downloaded plagiarism checkers seem to have died out. As of today, they only take up a fraction of the market share.

Why is online superior?

Mostly for the same reason, that download plagiarism content checkers fall behind – the vast numbers of available sources. Online or cloud-based plagiarism checkers have access to terabytes and terabytes of data. All of that is handled by the service provider, not the user. Downloadable software is unable to be on par with its online peers.

Oxsic has access to terabyte-large enclosed and private databases. This is something that no downloaded plagiarism checker can offer.

In terms of price

In terms of pricing, numbers different sources and features, online services are far superior. However you may look at it; online services are more user-friendly, offer more references, provide better and more in-depth reports.

In terms of quickness

The time it takes to check your content for plagiarism depends on certain factors. If you have a downloaded tool, it will depend on your hardware and the specs of your PC or laptop. The process will take a strain on your computer, drain its resources. Depending on the size of the database, the check could take anywhere between tens of minutes to almost an entire day. If you do not have a powerful PC or laptop, prepare to wait. A lot.

With online tools, things work a lot faster. Oxsic, for example, can compare even the most extended documents in a few minutes. How is that possible? The solution is quite simple. We have access to the most powerful and fastest servers in the world. Global leaders in data processing make sure that our clients get results as quickly as possible. Within a few minutes at most, you will be able to know the ratio of plagiarism when compared against trillions of sources.